Communication to 18000 users to drive adoption of IKEA’s multichannel KPI tools

The Market Sales Report and the Multichannel KPI Dashboard are the IKEA retail organisation’s internally developed tools to measure IKEA’s multichannel business. The launch of these tools globally required a strong communication plan to support the change management process and the communication strategy to 18000 users as part of the multichannel transformation of IKEA.

To increase adoption of these user-friendly tools successfully, in an environment of locally competing reports, would ultimately result in increased efficiency, optimising sales, reducing costs and giving decision-makers the tools they need to drive the business.

Webwriter Sweden AB was contracted to head up the communication which involved crafting and executing a communication plan to support the various phases of change management. It involved the preparation and launch of the new tools, the launch of the new Multichannel KPI intranet site as an information hub, creating clear, engaging content to different stakeholders, creating a uniform look and feel and maintaining the IKEA tone of voice. An important enabler of the adoption of the tools was the learning material, which I also made clearer and simpler, with the use of short video clips. I boosted the number of engaged users for the internal social media group for the Multichannel KPI Project from 60 to 18000 and we increased the overall adoption of the tools consistently month by month.

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Book translation – The Eel Coast

The Eel Coast



My latest book translation – The Eel Coast. Original version in Swedish.

In this book you get a fascinating tour of the traditions and history of eel fishing, the art, the food and the natural landscape along the coastline of Skåne, Sweden. Meet the local people, artists and fishermen, read about the fishermen’s tales and stories passed down through the generations. Also includes recipes for some traditional local dishes.

For me, this book was a real joy to work on.


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